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What lesson have you learned from making a past mistake?

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 7/28/20 7:00 AM

Liz Ritzcovan - What lesson have you learned from making a past mistake?

Being assumptive is a mistake that Liz Ritzcovan recognized and learned from. In this clip, Liz shares why accurate interpretation is so important. 

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Carole Mahoney:
You're no stranger to leading companies through growth through difficult times. Can you share with our audience one lesson that you've learned from a mistake you've made or a mistake someone else's made?

Liz Ritzcovan:
Yeah, sure. First of all, I've made many mistakes and I believe in failing fast, recognize what happened, and be nimble and move forward. And I would say, if I could offer any coaching, which has worked well for me in my career, but there were many times early on when it took me a couple times to have to go through it before I really recognized, "You know what, I need to ask clarifying questions."

It is very important to not be assumptive. And, I think, today, with a high level of empathy and emotion that people have, which makes us human beings, which is incredible, you tend to listen to what someone says and go, "Okay, I digested that," but you don't probe. You don't ask, you don't have more conjecture around, "Wait, I want to repeat what I think you said, and you tell me if I interpreted it correctly." Being a global CRO for as long as I have, interpretation is really important to make sure even if you're saying the same thing here in the U.S., if you hear it in Latin America, if you hear it in AMIA or in Asia, it can be construed very differently. So, what I have found that works great for me is to always, when someone says something, don't just say, "Okay," ask a clarifying question or reiterate what they said in a soundbite, so you can confirm you're completely aligned. And it saves a lot of time down the road. It also creates better productivity around what you are trying to do together or accomplish in a group or a conversation.

Carole Mahoney:
Yeah, absolutely. And it's something I find that in every level of a sales organization is crucial from CRO to VP, from VP to Manager, from Manager to Sales Person, to Buyer. When we make these assumptions, we're giving into our own biases.

And, as my mother would say, "When you make assumptions, you make a you know what out of you and me." So, don't do that... It's so critical. I'm so glad you shared that.

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