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What Sales Development Reps Are Really Selling

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 1/3/22 8:40 AM

What Sales Development Reps Are Really Selling

It's been a long day of sales coaching. But I really wanted to share this one nugget with you because I think this is something that most Business Development Reps and SDRs aren't thinking about.

Now. I'm sure that you all understand that your whole primary objective as a BDR or an SDR or pre-sales, or whatever it is that you're calling it, is to set meetings for your Account Executives, Your Sales Reps. Okay? True. That is the outcome that you're looking for.
But how do you go about doing that?

Yes, you have to ask compelling and probing questions to uncover the pain and challenges and implications of those problems so that they feel the need and urgency to want to talk to someone more about that. And then selling the meeting.

But I want you to think about this: What you're selling isn't a meeting.

You're selling your Sales Rep. You're selling their expertise to be able to help that person with the problems and challenges that they've expressed to you. You're transferring trust from you to them.

That's why it's really important, when you're positioning the value proposition of the company, you're positioning your rep, as an expert.

One who's talked with hundreds if not thousands of people just like you. An expert who understands the frustrations and the overwhelming challenges that they face every day --And has helped them work through it to build business cases and case studies that have helped them to transform their companies.

It's a lot easier to schedule a meeting with someone who you know has the expertise to help you instead of someone who's just going to pitch you products.

So, if you're out there trying to book meetings, that's the mindset I want you to go into it.

You're selling the expertise of your Rep

This is also why it makes it all that much more important --Account Executives, for you to have good working relationships with your business development people and be able to share with them things like:

  • What are the conversations that you're having?
  • What problems are you uncovering?
  • How do we express those challenges?
  • What are the words that they use?

So that your Business Development Reps can use that in their messaging and have a smoother transition.

Let's make sales a better place

So please BDRs, sell the expertise of your Reps. Reps, help your BDRs to understand what your expertise is and the challenges and problems that your buyers are having in the conversations you have. Let's make sales a better place for our prospects and for our companies.

So until next time, that is your sales coaching tip of the day. Have fun out there!


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