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Marketing Do's & Don'ts from Inbound Networkers

Posted by Carole Mahoney  11/5/13 8:40 AM

Inbound Marketing Best Practices Isn't Just Marketing

Every Wed at noon I moderate a live panel discussion with other members of the Inbound Networkers Linkedin Group. This past week, 8 of us talked about some of the do's and don'ts of marketing. Now even thought we started on this topic, it seemed to bleed into sales and service as well. Is that because we can't stay on topic?

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The Inbound Revolutionary Road

Posted by Carole Mahoney  9/12/13 8:00 AM

Being a total book nerd, I read approximately 8-10 books during my long summer days in Maine by the lake. 75% of these are non-fiction, which I realize makes me an even bigger nerd. The fact that the other 25% of the non-fiction that I read gives me some type of business insight makes me a freak, at least according to my husband. 

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When do you know enough about your inbound strategy to do something?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  9/10/13 1:00 PM

My neighbor rang the doorbell this morning and very calmly asked me what the fastest way to get to Maine Medical Center was. Taking my cues from her calmness, I assumed that she was asking me because she had a doctor's appointment there. Knowing that she was somewhat new to the area, I didn't think it wise to tell her how to take the backroads, and so instead told her to take I-95. When she looked at my quizingly, I backtracked and told her how to get to I-95. After I repeated it twice, I was about to grab a pen and paper and write it down for her. But then I had visions of her looking down to read it and rear-ending a school bus. So instead I asked her the question I should have asked in the beginning.

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Inbound Sales and Marketing Techniques From My Nana

Posted by Carole Mahoney  9/5/13 8:53 AM

My nana would love the idea of inbound. Growing up, she warned me about boys that just wanted to 'hook up'. She would tell me that any boy worth his salt would wait, be patient and not try to rush me into anything. 

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Move That House and Incorporate an Inbound Strategy!

Posted by Carole Mahoney  8/30/13 1:06 PM

Tales from the floor of #inbound13

If you were one of the dozen or so people I had more than a passing conversation with at this year's Inbound Conference, you likely heard me mention at least once, "This is a blog post." Here is one of those tales.

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Content Marketing Challenges- You Are Not Alone

Posted by Carole Mahoney  7/9/13 9:30 AM

Creating the content that you audience wants to read, see, hear or watch isn't easy for anyone, even the ones who live it and breath it on a daily basis. Corey Eridon, Inbound Marketing Content Manager at HubSpot, is certainly one of those people.

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Book Review: Sales Shift by Frank Belzer

Posted by Carole Mahoney  4/28/13 8:03 AM

How inbound marketing has turned sales upside down making it more difficult and more lucrative at the same time.

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My best and worst day as an entrepreneur.

Posted by Carole Mahoney  4/22/13 3:00 PM

When asked how and why I started my business recently for an interview, I was a little nervous about telling the real story. Partly because it would be put into print, but mostly because was a painful tale once upon a time. But I told the truth anyway. Here it is.

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Introverts and Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ken Stadden  10/29/12 10:32 AM

I have a friend who is as extroverted as the day is long. This guy once was my boss and still is a valued business associate, and he always brings excitement into a room without even trying. Not long ago he took his precocious 10-year-old son to a Tony Robbins conference and could not stop raving about it afterward. Tony Robbins is something of a messiah for extroverts, teaching salespeople how to be a livelier, more engaging, more successful version of themselves, kind of like adding a couple of 12-volt batteries to the Energizer Bunny and flash-reprogramming it with a gregariousness-enhancing algorithm.

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My 5 Not-So Obvious Sales & Marketing Reasons to go to Inbound 2012

Posted by Carole Mahoney  8/27/12 3:00 PM

Why I'm Going to Inbound 2012

As you are reading (or listening) to this blog post, I am driving to Boston for my start of Inbound 2012. Monday night is VAR night, and despite my rabble rousing, bear-poking ways in the Hubspot Partner forum, I am looking forward to heading back to visit my Beantown roots.

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