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A Smarketing Birthday Wish

Posted by Carole Mahoney  11/4/11 3:44 PM

Today is a signifigant day. Not just because it is my birthday. Not just because there only about 40 valid selling days left to the end of this year. (And no, not just because we're at the doorstep to winter.)

But today is the day I draw my line in the sand. That line is smarketing.

Through the past 10+ years of various study, practice, test and trial it seems as though the past month has been like the labor of an 11lb baby. But the pain is forgotten once the vision has a name.

From the first website I created in college after I convinced my hard nosed, stubborn, and passionate boss to dump her yellow pages website and let me and my college buddies create one for a 100$. (It is still generating business for them today.)

To spending my entire first consulting check to go to NYC for the first time and study with visionaries like Brian & Jeffrey Eisenberg, authors of "Waiting for your Cat to Bark". (That may not seem a big deal to you- but to this country chick it was.)

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Topics: smarketing, scientific marketing, sales and marketing alignment, sales and marketing revolution

Uprisings and Revolutions- A History Lesson for Marketing & Sales

Posted by Carole Mahoney  8/22/11 10:00 PM

I happened to catch an article from the NY Times from a connection on LinkedIn titled, "A Theory of Everything." The author basically sums all the recent riots, government overthrows, protesting and revolutions in one slogan from an Israeli middle-class uprising: “We are fighting for an accessible future.” Mr. Friedman goes on to detail why he thinks that "a lot of middle- and lower-middle-class people now feel that the “future” is out of their grasp."

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Topics: sales, sales and marketing alignment, marketing strategies, sales and marketing revolution

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