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Director of Inbound Strategy at 710studios . My thoughts are my own, unless you are thinking about what I wrote. Then those are your thoughts.
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What is the most important thing on your sales call?

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  8/15/16 10:39 AM

Should salespeople take notes during sales calls? People are different.  They learn differently and they consume information differently. I've heard it both ways, "If you are writing notes, you can't also be listening," and on the flipside, some people would be lost without them. So is there a right and a wrong way?  

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The Right Mentor At The Right Time

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  2/22/16 7:52 AM

In 2002, I signed a contract to play Professional Soccer.

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"Let's Talk Website Design..."

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  1/25/16 11:45 AM

I got the following inquiry last week...

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Predicting 2016

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  12/10/15 4:11 PM

I heard Mark Roberge once say at a mini-conference, "If you want to get VC's ears to perk up, use these three words- predictable, scalable, revenue."

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Are LinkedIn Company Pages People?

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  11/13/15 11:00 AM

Let's not bother asking SCOTUS, but instead ask our prospects.  

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Sure Signs Your Sales Email Is All About YOU.

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  11/3/15 10:44 AM

The internet is full of tricks, tips, and templates on how to write sales emails, but how do you know which ones are any good?

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The People Out in the Hallway at INBOUND15

Posted by Michael Hurczyn  9/17/15 1:31 PM

When we were deciding on a name for what it is that we do, it was difficult.  It's doing what it takes to help your buyer's buy the right thing.  So what does that mean?

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Why this blog exists.

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward." ~Vernon Law 
This blog is a home for the business growth lessons that we and our associates and clients have learned from the front lines.

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