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Is content the new spam?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  8/6/15 5:03 PM

The credit for the headline goes to Trish Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group. She has said it before, and most recently during a conversation on LinkedIn that was started by an update that Mike Kunkle made:

It's only Tuesday. I've already had 5 authors this week, who I *don't* know well, send me an EMAIL trying to get support for a post they've written. Seriously? Do people really find this sort of push marketing to be effective? Or am I just too hard on people who are trying to market their work?”

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Is creating content in your company culture's DNA?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  12/4/13 3:30 PM

The effect of culture on content and why it is crucial for inbound success.

Creating content that speaks to buyers hearts and minds on a consistent basis is a bear of a job. In fact, it is too much for any one person to do alone. And that is a good thing. Why? Because unless you are a soloprenuer, there is more than one person having a conversation with your buyers on a regular basis. Why are conversations and content creation so important? Because Google says so.

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3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Content Marketing Is a Bad Idea

Posted by Carole Mahoney  10/23/13 11:04 AM

When you outsource too much of your content creation, the main thing you risk losing is your personal connection to your customer.

  1. your voice, tone, style is lost and you look and sound like everyone else in your industry. (this is also the reason why template industry sites and white-labeled content don't sit well with me.) Goodbye branding.
  2. your expertise and views on industry standards is lost. When everyone says the same things in the same way as everyone else, no one is an expert in anything. Goodbye thought leadership.
  3. your unique personal experiences are lost and buried where no one can connect with and learn from them. Goodbye social proof.
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Content Marketing Challenges- You Are Not Alone

Posted by Carole Mahoney  7/9/13 9:30 AM

Creating the content that you audience wants to read, see, hear or watch isn't easy for anyone, even the ones who live it and breath it on a daily basis. Corey Eridon, Inbound Marketing Content Manager at HubSpot, is certainly one of those people.

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Content Marketing is Too Hard

Posted by Carole Mahoney  6/27/13 1:00 PM


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What Can Content Marketing Learn from Stephen King?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/13/13 1:26 PM

How Stephen King Might Create Buyer Persona Profiles

Buyer persona profiles seem to be in fashion these days with the push for content marketing to become relevant and compelling, not keyword stuffed and boring. Creating content, whether that is writing blogs, interacting on social media, filming videos, creating infographics- is all just storytelling in many forms. Stories need characters, and the function of a buyer persona is the character in your business' story.

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Three Internet Marketing Content Complaints of Small Businesses

Posted by Shannon Caldwell  2/26/13 5:30 PM

Earlier this week, I read and commented on a blog about how content marketing just doesn’t work.  This blog author had some very valid points.

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Is Content Marketing taking the throne?

Posted by Jess Stark  10/17/11 4:07 PM

“Content is King.”

We’ve been hearing this phrase since 1996 when Bill Gates first predicted that success on the Internet would be in the form of sharing information and entertainment. This one motto has been a driving force behind the growth of blogging, social media sharing and search marketing.
Maybe it’s time to refresh the mantra. How about “Content Marketing is King?” One tiny problem is that many businesses – and even some marketers – aren’t exactly sure how Content Marketing fits into the larger Internet Marketing picture. In fact, some businesses may be confused by the terminology and how Content Marketing and SEO differ. Before we’re all drowning in an alphabet soup of buzzwords, here’s a quick glossary of Internet Marketing terms: 

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3 Ways to Stay On the Content Writing Wagon

Posted by Jess Stark  8/31/11 6:32 PM

It’s easy to fall behind on producing fresh, custom web content.  I write and edit blogs and websites for a living and it’s tough to set aside time for my own content writing (let alone create a content library). But if you’re serious about reinforcing your brand online, engaging with online communities and making your site visible to search engines, resist the temptation to fall off the content writing wagon!

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Blog Writing for Business: Build a Better Blog

Posted by Jess Stark  2/15/11 1:01 PM

Your marketing plan includes blogging, but you sit down and stare at your computer screen and you are transported back to Freshman English Class, a blank white page stares back at you, and your mind goes blank.  Sound familiar?

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