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Is it gender, race, or just you?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/8/14 8:59 AM

Is gender and race a lie we tell ourselves why we can't or shouldn't?

From grade school to high school, I was afraid of vampires. And when I say I was afraid, I mean the kind of fear that changes your behavior. For example, when I walked from my Nana's house down the street to home in the summers, I made damn sure I did so before dusk. When I went to sleep at night, it didn't matter how hot out it was, I was covered from head to foot in a blanket, with extra care to make sure that my neck was not exposed. I was convinced that the vamps slept in my mom's basement during the day, and when asked to go down there- no forced- I ran so fast up the stairs that I tripped and fell more than once.

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