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3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Content Marketing Is a Bad Idea

Posted by Carole Mahoney  10/23/13 11:04 AM

When you outsource too much of your content creation, the main thing you risk losing is your personal connection to your customer.

  1. your voice, tone, style is lost and you look and sound like everyone else in your industry. (this is also the reason why template industry sites and white-labeled content don't sit well with me.) Goodbye branding.
  2. your expertise and views on industry standards is lost. When everyone says the same things in the same way as everyone else, no one is an expert in anything. Goodbye thought leadership.
  3. your unique personal experiences are lost and buried where no one can connect with and learn from them. Goodbye social proof.
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#FF: Funny Friday Smarketing Lessons

Posted by Carole Mahoney  7/5/13 1:21 PM

Father O'Malley answers the phone.

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Why Is Social Media a Sales Activity, Not a Marketing One?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  4/12/13 11:51 AM

If you were to try and make me pick the best conversation I had this week, whether it was through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, email, phone, on other blogs, on my own blog, or in person- I would have a hard time choosing. Clever as I may be sometimes, I have learned something from every single one.

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The Importance of Trust For Sales and Marketing Alignment

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/27/13 8:08 AM

Is this a Question of Smarketing Ethics?

Rick sent me this story of self control and marksmanship with an itsy bitsy shooter by a woman against a fierce predator. How could such a little weapon be powerful enough to protect her? I'm sure he had his own interpretation of the lesson here, and you may have yours too (comment below to share it). Here's the story:

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Can Smarketing Turn Your Business Upside Down?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/5/13 12:00 PM

A fellow Inbound Networker asked me some basic questions about Smarketing recently, and I promised her a blog post on the answers. After the 4th page, I thought it best to answer her questions in 2 parts. This post is part 2, for part 1, read the post on Caldwell Marketing Communications blog.

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Applying Buyer Persona Modes to Create Customer Focused Copy

Posted by Carole Mahoney  2/17/13 8:46 PM

If Content is Currency, It's Worth Doing Right

You have likely heard all about content marketing and how crucial it is to SEO now. If you haven't, do a quick search on "Google Penquin and Content Marketing", that should get you caught up. (or you can just take my word for it).

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Empathy as the Linchpin for Sales & Marketing Strategies

Posted by Carole Mahoney  1/14/13 9:49 AM

Disclaimer: If your mandate is to "deliver share-holder value" or "make a paycheck", then this post is not for you.

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Why is a Sales and Marketing SLA Crucial for Smarketing?

Posted by Carole Mahoney  11/20/12 7:20 AM

What is a Sales and Marketing SLA?

A SLA, or service level agreement, is like a contract between sales and marketing departments or functions. It is the feedback and handoff that happen between the sales and marketing functions as a buyer enters and goes through their buying process. Below is a sample of a Smarketing SLA template that I use with clients.

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What Convergence Marketing Could Mean to Your Business

Posted by Carole Mahoney  11/13/12 2:13 PM

This is mostly an observation that I felt compelled to point out. It stems from many sales conversations, my hubby's latest college course on media convergence, and a hot new TV show that caught my eye.

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Smarketing Deficiency Symptoms and Their Cures

Posted by Carole Mahoney  8/14/12 1:56 PM

Do you suffer these common sales and marketing alignment ailments?

Over the past year, I have talked to dozens of marketers, sales professionals, executives and entreprenuers about Smarketing. Most agreed that aligning sales and marketing processes is an efficient and effective way to generate more revenue, improve customer experience and develop brand evangelists.

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