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Smarketing for Entrepreneurs: The Pitfalls & Opportunities

If you are both the Sales & Marketing person in one, how can Smarketing help you?

This is a question I am asked frequently, most recently at the Maine Marketing Association lunch and learn where Rick Roberge and I talked about common sales and...

The Biggest, Baddest, Most Dangerous Online Lead Generation Myth

An Online Lead Generation Machine Will Not Increase Sales 

In fact, there are those who make the news with how many online leads they generated.

What Does a Sales and Marketing Strategy Have to do with Chainsaws?

A Sales and Marketing Strategy is Your Business' Owner Manual

For the January HUGMEtoo, I put together some slides to talk about the sales prospecting tool that Hubspot has recently updated with new functionality. 

AIDAs Analysis: The Real Importance of Marketing to Sales

An Inbound Marketing Agency's Evolution

Notice that I did not say revolution. Some readers and listeners may have heard me using the phrase revolution a lot lately. I feel that I should clarify a misconception. I have learned that a revolution...

Comparison: Business Growth Development & Beer Brewing

What Does Business Development and Brewing Have in Common?

This week's business development insight was inspired by my husband. Not only is he a really swell guy, he also makes his own beer. Bonus!

Are you taking your marketing strategy seriously?

This blog was co-written by Jess Stark and Cheri Gaudet.

The Social Economy and Corporate Giving as a Marketing Strategy

Almost a year later, my book review post on "Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead"is still our most popular blog article. From my reading, I listed 5 things I learned from it that I planned to put into practice. I really only want to talk about...

Keyword Analysis: Why is this in my Internet Marketing Strategy?

Why Do You Perform a Keyword Analysis?

  • To get visitors to your website through free organic rankings.  (Getting found in search engines based on keyword relevancy not pay-per-click).
  • To get qualified traffic to your site. (The customers who need...

Small Business Budgets for Internet Marketing

Not many people like to talk about money, it was 'impolite' to ask someone about their finances. For some, they don't want to let anyone know how much they really have. For others (and most of us) it is because we have a small amount and we are...

Smarketing Reality Check: Entreprenuers and Big Competition

Do You Really Want a Big Business Customer?

In a previous post, I spouted off a bit on small businesses who are cursing big business for beating them out, whether it is online in search ranking or in their store fronts.