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The Art and Science of Layered Sales Questions

Posted by Carole Mahoney  1/27/17 1:30 PM

At this past week’s #livesaleslab we talked about asking layered questions. It came up in nearly every conversation we had in the past week with new coaching clients so it was hard to ignore. I have always called it drill down questions, but I like layered better because drill down seems forced, and layers are more gentle and natural. Like cake, or even onions. There we go- buyers are like onions. Like Shrek.

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4 Things That Really Irk Me About Sales Processes

Posted by Carole Mahoney  1/11/17 6:05 PM

In case you didn’t know- I have not been one of those ‘lifelong’ salespeople. I disliked sales so much, that when I settled on what I wanted to learn in college, it was marketing because I wanted to learn how to use marketing to make salespeople obsolete. At least- based on what my perception of salespeople was. If you read Daniel Pink’s book, “To Sell Is Human”, you know that his research claims that 7 out of 10 people have a negative perspective of sales as manipulation, pushy, aggressive, etc. I was certainly one of the 7.

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No Proposals Before You Close

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/9/15 3:43 PM

Tomorrow we Rick give our version of how to close a new client for our group sales training. But I started writing this blog post almost a month ago as almost every new client who has started our 3 month trial program has had this same problem.

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