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The #1 thing an Investor learned about how people make buying decisions

Howie Kra is a highly energetic and dynamic entrepreneur who has been inspiring people, driving revenues, and providing sales leadership for nearly 30 years. On his time on Wall Street, he learned many lessons.

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The importance of leading vs pushing

In the last clip from the What Sales Can Learn From A Firefighter Series, Peter Cutrer explains the importance of understanding the difference between leading and pushing, and how leading can help you get the results you're going for.

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Advice to Sales Leaders from a Firefighter

Peter Cutrer hasn't just been a Firefighter/EMT, Fire Marshal, Fire Instructor and Deputy Chief for 15 years. He also now trains public safety agencies like NASA, Disney, Boston Fire, FDNY, and ESPN!

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How do you know if you're cut out for this type of career?

Choosing a career path isn't a simple task. When it comes to sales, one of the biggest fears that we face is facing rejection. But with fighting fires, firefighters run into burning buildings when everybody else is running out.

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What Sales Can Learn From A Firefighter

Training is critical to a number of professions. In fighting fires, proper training can make the difference between life or death. So how do firefighters prepare?

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How to best create a culture of learning with your team

Since the early 90’s, the idea of a learning organization that continuously improves is something many companies strive for, but often fail at. It has given way to a concept of data driven decisions- but unfortunately most companies don’t even...

How to keep technology overload to a minimum

We're already overloaded with technology. Just think about it- how many unused applications do you have on your cellphone?

With all of this technology at our fingertips, it's easy to get carried away. But why do companies continue to invest in...

Has technology really aided in our learning?

We are overloaded with tech. It's in every profession and market. Technology was supposed to make us more productive... but has it?

Learn what Matt Miller, a teacher that has infused technology and innovative teaching methods in his classes for...

Why you can't just focus on the results to see if learning has occurred

The results of things help us to determine if we're on the right track. However, focusing on the results alone doesn't paint the whole picture. 

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How can you inspire people to learn?

In this clip, I ask teacher, blogger, and presenter, Matt Miller, how we can inspire the sales people or buyers who don't want to learn.

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