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How to attract readers and search engines with SEO Copywriting

Today's Post is a guest post written by Marnie Grumbach.  Marnie is a communications strategist and freelance writer who lives and works in Greater Portland, Maine. She has been writing compelling content for the web, public relations and many...

Keyword Analysis: Why is this in my Internet Marketing Strategy?

Why Do You Perform a Keyword Analysis?

  • To get visitors to your website through free organic rankings.  (Getting found in search engines based on keyword relevancy not pay-per-click).
  • To get qualified traffic to your site. (The customers who need...

Internet Marketing Promotion: Get Found!


Internet Marketing Promotion: Do You Exist?

My daughter recently participated in the Reach for the Peak program through her school.  It was a really great program co-sponsored by The Upper Valley Healthy Eating Active Living Partnership (UV HEAL), your school, and the Children’s Hospital at...

How Small Businesses Can Find Time for Internet Marketing

Many small business owners are overwhelmed at the very prospect of adding something else to their workload, even though they're equally petrified of being left out.


Relax! Internet Marketing is just another tool that helps you communicate with...

How to Standout in Your Social Media Marketing

In Act I, scene iii of Hamlet, the character of Polonius prepares his son Laertes for travel abroad with a speech (ll.55-81),

Blog Writing for Business: Build a Better Blog

Your marketing plan includes blogging, but you sit down and stare at your computer screen and you are transported back to Freshman English Class, a blank white page stares back at you, and your mind goes blank.  Sound familiar?

Create an Internet Marketing Plan like the Grateful Dead

A new year is here.  It is a time for setting goals and making improvements.  What better time to take a look at your marketing plan and find ways to make it better? How do you keep your marketing plan fresh and innovative? Simple.  Listen to your...