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Book Review How to Change by Katy Milkman

So, have you ever wondered why some things work for you, but not for others? Or why so many of us fail at our New Year's Eve resolutions every year? It is one of the main things that I am writing about in a chapter right now.

Discounts must die.

Seem like strong words? Good! Keep reading, this post is for you.

7 Science Based Techniques to Develop a Discipline

Why do so many salespeople know what to do, but very few do what they know? Ok, now who hasn’t asked that question? From sales leader's posts on LinkedIn to the sales managers and salespeople we work with on a daily basis, it has come up a lot...

Why don't we trust salespeople?

Seems like an obvious question doesn’t it? If you have read Daniel Pink’s book, “To Sell is Human” you know that 9 out of 10 people have a negative perception of sales people. Heck, salespeople don’t even trust other salespeople!

3 Sales Leaks CEOs Can't Afford to Ignore

I have been asked if summer is a slow season for me. Having worked with startup CEOs, small business owners, and enterprise executives for the past decade, summer is when the busy season is just starting!

It surprised me that I hadn’t really...

8 Competencies a VP of Sales Needs to Succeed

Lately several VPs of Sales have approached me or been referred to me. Some want help understanding what is happening with their sales force. Others are new to the role and “need to make sure this goes right” to prove they can do it. Others are...

Trouble selling? Try talking without a filter

It’s widely known that one of the main obstacles for sales success is that awful desire to be liked. Luckily I don’t suffer from that.

Now, not needing to be liked is not the same thing as saying whatever is on your mind all the time. It is a...

How to improve your decision making to sell better

I don’t enjoy shopping and it’s all my mom’s fault.

It felt like every weekend was another shopping adventure. Saturday mornings while my sister and I did our chores, she surfed the flyers for sales, coupons, etc. The driving to multiple stores,...

How are sales lost to no decision?

This was the topic on a recent #livesaleslab, and it was inspired from several different places.

First, from sales people asking us, “Why do my prospects disappear after the proposal?” Then, from current clients wondering, “Where is the best...

Sales leadership practices that do more harm than good

A sales manager started working with me recently because in his words, “I don’t want my team to become the collateral damage of my shortcomings.”

It’s probably the best way that I have heard someone articulate an other-focused leadership mindset....